La Snackería de la Mission

La Snackería de la Mission. Culture. Tradition. Flavor.

I moved to the Bay Area from Mexico when I was 12. I was very sad. I missed my friends, I missed Mexico, and it was hard for me to express myself because I didn't speak English. On Sundays my dad would bring us to the Mission, and I loved it. All those familiar sounds, and the people, and the food!

Those trips to the Mission kept me going and helped me get through the pain and angst I felt as a little immigrant boy. And then life happened. And Papalote happened. The restaurants. The salsa. The truck. This is who I am. This is how that little boy turned out. I recently noticed a vacant spot down the street, and it spoke to me. It wanted to become the spot where my culture would continue to be represented, in the heart of a neighborhood where my culture once thrived and is now, little by little, fading away and almost gone. This will be the place with familiar foods and traditional treats for everyone to enjoy... especially little immigrant children in the Bay Area who are feeling lonely, and who are longing for just a little taste of home. Todo va a estar bien.